Parodontics (Treatment of Gums)

Gum disease can happen to anyone. It happens when bacteria penetrates the gums at the base of the tooth where brushing cannot reach. Once there, the bacteria will secrete enzymes who will, over time, attack the bone that supports the tooth.

The more the bone is affected, the less the tooth is supported which can lead, in extreme cases, to tooth loss. The bacteria that cause these infections can eventually pass through to your blood and trigger other health issues such as cardio-vascular problems. These infections are often undiagnosed and can surreptitiously cause a lot of damage.

It is possible to develop periodontal diseases even if you have excellent oral hygiene because these diseases are often hereditary.

They are also more common in smokers and people who suffer from diabetes. They are also transmissible from person to person and even from animal to human.

It is important to regularly visit your dentist, once every 3 or 6 months, for a preventive dental exam or for tartar removal depending on your needs.

At Art DentaireDental Centre, we offer the treatment of loose teeth through the use of halogenic membranes (this method allows us to avoid taking tissue samples from the palate) and autogenic treatment using growth factors (PRF) which improves tissue quality and favors a healthier tooth.

Flossing is a fast and easy way to prevent many dental problems. Unfortunately, it’s a habit very few people have. If your gums bleed when you floss, it’s not a sign that you should not floss, it’s a sign that you do not floss enough!

When you are struggling with a gum infection, you might be in need of a periodontal treatment. Art Dentaire Dental Center can offer you multiple laser treatments such as Diode and YAG laser. These two techniques are quick, pain free, safe, and eliminate the bacteria associated to periodontal diseases, without increasing your resistance to antibiotics.

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