Teeth Whitening

Whitening strips bought at the pharmacy only whiten the surface of the tooth. They only work for a short period of time, especially for people aged 40 and over. Home teeth whitening kits that come with one-size-fits-all trays, and no dentist supervision, can cause irreversible side effects do dental tissues and other surrounding tissues.

A teeth whitening procedure obtained in our clinic allows us to reach a level of whiteness previously impossible to achieve, even for those whose teeth offer resistance to whitening gel.

We use a revolutionary technique which combines the very best aspects of multiple more standard techniques of teeth whitening. This technique ensures a red carpet result for your teeth in just one visit! Offered at a competitive price, this technique gives exceptional results that are almost permanent: all you’ll need to do, every now and then, is come for a follow-up visit to keep your smile’s witness on a long-term basis.

The custom-made trays technique is also extremely efficient and risk-free for your teeth and their enamel. The trays contain a thicker more concentrated whitening gel than those sold in pharmacies, thus rendering ingestion impossible and avoiding the irritation of soft tissues.

Also, teeth whitening using lamps or a laser (you will be sitting during the treatment) give quicker and superior results when combined with a custom-made trays treatment that you will use at home.

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