Mouthguards and Performance Mouthpieces

Ever since the days of ancient Greece, and even in the days of the Vikings, warriors used to bite down on straps or pieces of leather to stay focused. Devices were designed to unleash your power and potential. They can help athletes develop their full potential. These custom-made devices will help you be stronger, faster, better and protect your teeth at the same time.

The process is simple:

  • The dentist will make an impression of your teeth
  • The molds will be sent to the laboratory
  • The dentist will proceed with the insertion of the device and make the final adjustments

When you are training or competing, your jaw tends to tighten up. When this compression happens, the temporomandibular joint releases the secretion of hormones (like cortisol) that cause stress, fatigue and distractions.

A custom-made device prevents jaw clenching and helps move your jaw forward to reduce pressure on the joint. 

  • Increases strength up to 17%
  • Increases endurance by opening up the respiratory tracts (25% less lactic acid production after 30 minutes of training)
  • Accelerates reaction time
  • Reduces stress in an athlete by reducing the production of cortisol
  • The device diminishes impact force and reduces the risks of concussion

Who should use theses devices?

  • Professional and non-professional athletes who want to excel in their sport
  • Good for contact and non-contact sports

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