Teeth whitening

A revolutionary technique combines the best aspects of several usual teeth whitening techniques. This technique ensures a dentition of a star in a single visit.

The custom-made trays technique is extremely effective and safe for the teeth and their enamel. The trays contain a denser and more concentrated whitening gel than the ones sold in pharmacies, which makes ingestion impossible and prevents the inflammation of soft tissues.

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This technique allows a level of whitening that could not be attained with usual techniques before, even in people whose teeth present a resistance to the whitening gel. Offered at a competitive price, the technique gives an exceptional and almost permanent result: then, simple visits are occasionally needed to preserve your smile’s whiteness, for a long period of time.

Also, the whitening (on a chair) with the help of lamps and lasers gives a good start that allows us to reduce the time of treatment with the tray technique at home. Used alone, it is short-lived and less effective.

Strips bought in pharmacy only whiten the flat surface of the teeth. They are only effective for a short period, especially in people 40 or older. Finally, the high-concentration whitening used with trays that are not custom-made and used without the supervision of a dentist can lead to irreversible side effects to the dental tissue and its neighboring components.

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