Gold Plus Invisalign

If you’re considering Invisalign, it’s natural to have questions about this process and what to expect.
One of the most common questions prospective patients ask is, “How do I select the right Invisalign provider?”.

While many different factors may play a role in your final selection, the provider’s experience is one of the most important factors. The more successful cases a provider has completed, the more confident you’ll feel that the provider can do a great job on your teeth, too. Not every Invisalign provider is the same. To help put an Invisalign provider’s experience and skills in perspective, Invisalign has introduced these various provider designations in 2018: VIP, DIAMOND, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER et BRONZE.
We are very pleased to say that we have reached the GOLD PLUS level as an Invisalign supplier.

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